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What are the differences between the clothing industry and the textile industry?

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There is only one “big economy” in each nation; a unique economic development process articulated around the assembly of small and medium-sized enterprises distributed in a given country. Nevertheless, mastery to run the “big economy” requires great minds; so long, small minds only see small businesses as small; failing to recognize that all the great companies in the world have only hatched as little babies in the past. Later, after many diaper changes, SMEs became giants. This is normal in the life of an economic cycle for any landscape with a fertile entrepreneurial spirit.

Let there be light: However, as a simple fact, like turning a light switch on and off; savings without digitization are like without electricity, without skilled front-line teams on tasks like without light bulbs. Mindset assumptions openly question the visible damage to economic developments in the free world, while monitoring growth, the sooner SMEs are tested in the regions, the faster the recovery.

False entrepreneurship: Unfortunately, the lack of mastery of the Big Economy is a big problem. Academia is always uncomfortable with SME, job-creating entrepreneurial minds, because they are too off the beaten track, while tucked away in their own dank Ivey-covered edifices, they feel comfortable with their own job seeker mindsets while claiming expertise on some fake entrepreneurship. . Publish papers like wallpapers and pass judgments on entrepreneurial paths, without creating a single SME. Entrepreneurship is not a degree; It’s a state of mind. A quick live debate will prove all of this, hence the deep silence.

Is China proficient in exploiting its large SME economy? Observe around the world how many powers have been acquired by optimizing their SME sectors, the upskilling of exporters, the requalification of manufacturers and the fourfold increase in exportability. Now compare that to the overtly visible abuse and abundance of SMEs in the free economies of the world, critically damaging skill levels and leaving national citizens behind in the races of global age competitiveness now. in post-pandemic revival left almost in rescue states.

Five Big Myths of Economic Development Debunked:

The political syndrome: politics does not create the economic response, in overview, observe the art of politics; reflected in their national leaders of their free economies and their electoral magic, all now almost exhausted. Observe the chaos, nation by nation. Notice the rescue operations and runaway elections, observe the language, populist narratives and pre-anarchic landscapes. Political power consists in creating economic or other powers.

National mobilization of entrepreneurship will save nations: The current rhetoric at the global level in the global institutions already mandated to foster economic growth, mainly playing circles and paying lip service, poses geo-economic-socio-political problems with a visible absence of real concrete and achievable solutions. Such verbiage, followed by thousands of professional groups and chambers all joining the same chorus lines and echoing the same rhetoric visible on social media hourly but critically lacking grassroots national mobilization programs. Of course, it takes particular mindsets to meet particular challenges, such as airlines being flown by trained pilots and not frequent flyers. Gaining mastery of mobilization methodologies…why large numbers mobilization requirements are a mystery and why not just normal class sizes?

The making of the economic crisis: The challenge is “the economy” and nothing but the economy. Here, watch the casual and randomly chosen assemblage of expertise come into play in handling the most intricate and challenging puzzles of humanity’s survival, home base prosperity. Notice that the majority of national crises, in the economy, in employment, in immigration, in crime and education, in housing or in health, are all linked to local prosperity.

What level of secondary education is required to decipher such puzzles? What we have, nation by nation, like numbered paintings to create masterpieces for the history of the economic museum. So what’s wrong? Why is the big economy so neglected, why are SME sectors fragmented and buried under bureaucracies, red tape and old mindsets, trade groups and chambers linger like remnants of a burden declared by abstract SMEs without a future, all because of the lack of job-creating entrepreneurship. Lack of control over economic development now openly visible

Economics is not about numbers, it’s about entrepreneurship

The number syndrome: A calculator from a “dollar store” is often enough because the economy of the past is in numbers, but the economy of the future is all about entrepreneurship. Growth is a by-product of job-creating entrepreneurship. Psychologist and HR are both allowed to smash the furniture ad infinitum on this, but unless mindset assumptions are shattered, job seekers will build organizations and mindset makers. jobs will create this organization in the first place; the visible damage to our economic development widespread in the free economies of the world as a failure. Find answers quickly

The mind error: The term “SME” is a big mistake, a misnomer created by the job seeker mentality, because there is nothing small about a baby elephant. He will become an elephant over time. It is about creating a new big business, operating within a big economy of millions of small, medium and large businesses within a nation. However, these tasks must break with current economic development models serving selected interests, brutal to SMEs treating them as small and of lesser value, unable to decipher the hidden powers of risky new economic models. The mandatory study of 1000 revolutionary entrepreneurs is necessary to avoid mistakes about large national SME sectors being treated as leftovers and fallout from unwanted job-creating mindsets. Further study and testing will prove the harsh realities that persist.

The Great Loss of a Nation: The greatest loss to any nation is the wasteland of “job-creating entrepreneurial mindsets” abandoned across the country as SMEs lingering as indecipherable corporate journeys for degree holders formally dressed as occupiers of high towers of the mindsets of job seekers. Lack of knowledge on digitalization, mobilization, exporting and immersion in the properly structured global era of new trades of micro-exports, micro-manufacturing and global competitiveness. May such progress be led by entrepreneurial mindsets.

Discard teleprompters: While talk about SMEs has all but dried up, the one fact remains that the SME economy is by far the ‘big economy’ in search of great minds, ignorance about the fertility of small business is a harsh lesson of today. Today, the art and science now lies in balancing job seeker and job creator mindsets to mobilize entrepreneurship and create economic growth. Seek authoritative dialogues and create bold open debates

The unpredictability of elections: Tragically, the crypto mentality has laid bare the unskilled citizens of most free economies. Rather than creating internal skill wars to create skills and reskilling, the leaders chose to declare Forever-Fake-Wars so that their nations slowly learn to dig their own graves as metaverse therapy. Now that they need a diaper change, the next rounds of elections will fix the ongoing damage. Get ready for the mega change

Check out the profiles on LinkedIn: Now openly visible across the world on LinkedIn profiles, the mindsets of job seekers now freely direct the progress of economic development in the free economies of the world. What is most detrimental is the absence of a job-creating entrepreneurial mindset creating world-age contributions and narratives on national entrepreneurship mobilization.

Lack of such control is visibly sinking experimental economic development in a big way. A quick test will prove such imbalances, but it takes entrepreneurial leadership to meet such timely challenges, otherwise all have failed to gather dust like a long, indecipherable academic study. For authoritative analysis and special workshops on gaining mastery of these topics, study more on google.

Great minds urgently needed; Great minds had to deal with great economies, based on global collaboration, diversity, and tolerance, because rest is crypto-tyranny. The creation of economic power of real value is the ultimate goal of leadership to lead a sovereign nation, because the rest is only false. Without big savings, get ready for the big bust; Study the origin and history of business, the art of value creation to enable differentiation to eliminate value manipulation. The rest is easy.