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VIVA Textiles the name of quality and sustainability in the textile industry operating from China

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China – September 17, 2022 – VIVA TEXTILE is the leading exporter of embroidered fabrics and digital printing. VIVA TEXTILE operates from the world’s leading exporting country, China. VIVA TEXTILE has an extensive experience of 12 years, working in the textile industry sector. During this long journey of over a decade, VIVA TEXTILE has shown commendable progress and delivered many successful projects and is still on the growth path of its market occupation. Working closely with well-known fashion brands, VIVA TEXTILE is a more knowledgeable and trustworthy exporter of embroidered fabrics and custom digital printing designers around the world, including China, USA, Paris , Europe and many other parts of the world.

VIVA TEXTILE has established its own product standards, quality criteria, working style and understanding of beauty. VIVA TEXTILE has a well-known and competent professional team of fashion designers and wholesalers all over the world. VIVA TEXTILE identifies itself to provide high quality fashionable designs at very affordable and competitive prices.


“We are not only a manufacturer, but also a reliable design partner of embroidery fabrics.”

VIVA TEXTILE offers many benefits to its customers including,

Professional embroidery maker 4 stitch system

30,000-50,000 mts per month production capacity with on-time delivery guarantee.

Print your embroidery ideas with copyright protection

VIVA Textile has enough experience to understand your designs and ideas and convert them into embroidered fabric and digital designs, working from scratch to finished product with precision.

30-50 ratio, over 5000 hot designs

More than 200 latest designs updated online; 30-50 new designs updated every month.

24/7 availability and operational support

Provide 24 hours of non-stop production for customers to also provide them with on-time delivery order.

Compliance with Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX to ensure the safety of people and the environment

Viva Textile has been practicing green manufacturing since its inception. VIVA Textile works closely with dye houses that have the 100 by OEKO-TEX standard to ensure that our embroidered fabrics are free from harmful substances in all stages of dyeing and finishing. According to the requirements of the standard, ensure that all products are harmless to people and the environment. VIVA Textile is not only focused on creating beautiful designs and quality products.

The sustainable materials used are,

  • Organic cotton

  • Recycled polyester

VIVA Textile is the leading manufacturer and exporter of all textile products mentioned below internationally with hundreds and thousands of satisfied customers.

chemical embroidery

Chemical embroidery has a three-dimensional appearance, soft touch, good drape and good gloss. The chemical embroidery fabric features an exquisite debossed carved flower pattern that appeals to all women. Therefore, it is widely used in medium and high quality fashionable women’s clothing.

Mesh embroidery

Mesh embroidery is embroidered onto the mesh by embroidery machines. Its ground fabrics are mainly made of polyester and nylon, and can be roughly divided into organza, nylon/polyester mesh, diamond mesh and mesh tulle etc.

Embroidery Beading Sequin

Sequin bead embroidery fabrics refer to the fact that sequins and beads of the same shape and size are connected into a thread and then embroidered on a flat embroidery machine. Sequins and pearls provide a luxurious and elegant expression, especially for evenings.

Laser cut embroidery

Laser cut embroidery fabric is a perfect integration of embroidery and laser technology. This delicate fabric has been widely introduced in fashion brands and one of the best-selling fabrics.

Here is much more for your product interest and customer reviews, visit the website.

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