November 29, 2022
  • November 29, 2022

The textile industry requires more time to implement QCOs

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In an effort to enhance standards for the textile industry, the Indian Bureau of Standards (BIS) is in the process of formulating Quality Control Orders (QCOs) for certain textile products which have a significant impact on health and safety. consumer safety.

These will also help control cheap imports that can endanger consumer health.

BIS is also in the process of developing the next version of the Standards National Action Plan (SNAP) 2022-27 and the industry is looking forward to these developments to strengthen the industry quality benchmark, without any barriers. to trade, particularly with regard to access and availability of inputs that depend on imports.

Industry raised industry concerns about the applicability of end product or raw material standards and the time and cost involved in obtaining such certification processes.

Industry stakeholders have asked various questions about the different aspects of the standardizations and QCOs and asked for more time for the implementation of the QCOs, given the time required to align with the new requirements.

During a webinar, organized by the Confederation of Indian Textile Industry, in association with the BIS, awareness was created on the new QCOs and standards for the textile value chain.

It was pointed out that standards and QCOs have become crucial for the industry as imports have increased tremendously over the past few years and hence it becomes necessary to place these standards and QCOs for the T&A sector of India.

T Rajkumar, President, CITI; Rajiv Sharma, Deputy Director General, (Standardization); JK Gupta, Head of Textiles; Aditya Das, Scientist D, Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS); Ajit B Chavan, Secretary, Textiles Committee; Dr Arindam Basu, DG, North Indian Textiles Research Association (NITRA); Durai Palanisamy, MD, Pallava Group and Dr. PP Raichurkar, Director, Man Made Textile Research Association (MANTRA) were the esteemed speakers at the event.