October 3, 2022
  • October 3, 2022

Taiwanese Textile Industry Supports 2022 Winter Games Athletes | News

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TAIPEI, January 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The winter game beijing 2022 will be held from February 4 to 20. The gathering of athletes from around the world will trigger the boom, and Taiwan The textile industry also participated in the Games as a behind-the-scenes event. Taiwan functional fabrics represent 70% of the world market, and Taiwan the textile industry supports internationally renowned brands. Major sports brands sponsor the Games and many national teams whose clothing is made from durable and functional fabrics in Taiwan.

The Games will show the extraordinary performance of the athletes and show the passion and honor of the athletes to the world. Stylish athletes and fashion designers also make the Games more glamorous and fashionable. Beyond style, innovative functional textiles are still an indispensable part of sportswear. Taiwan led by the best knitting and weaving facilities and is the leading supplier of sportswear fabrics. Functional fabrics provide high stretch with perfect fit to body shape, super light weight, breathability, moisture wicking, anti-bacteria and odor management properties to provide maximum comfort and improve performance. Taiwan has risen to the challenge and is the most trusted supplier of internationally renowned sports brands like Asics, on running.

Sustainability is the key to the future

Don’t just “Think Taiwan for textiles”, go for it. Taiwan is the world leader in textile innovation that respects the environment, sustainability and continuous quality improvement. Best-in-class polymer development led by many leading verticals Taiwan in front of the curve. The biggest global brands come to Taiwan first when looking for the latest and greatest innovations, including The North Face in outerwear, Under Armor in activewear, rugged Jack Wolfskin in Europe and the world’s finest and fastest growing yoga apparel producers, such as Lululemon. If you are looking for variety in bluesign manufacturing, Taiwan has the best and most available in the world.

The most of Taiwan fabric manufacturers have a collection of recycled polyester products in several fabric and knit categories. Leadership for recycled nylon materials comes from its teams of dedicated textile engineers, driven both internally and by their core customer base. Companies like Patagonia, who are dedicated to improving our environment, are doing Taiwan a primary source for textiles and development initiatives. Dedication to constant improvement has forged relationships that have lasted for many years. If activewear, comfy wear, yoga wear, outdoor wear, or just workout wear is your thing, Taiwan Suppliers are key sellers.

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