October 3, 2022
  • October 3, 2022

Sangam India Limited – Applying Sustainable Solutions in Textile Industry

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Sangam India Ltd – a leading producer of PV dyed yarns, cotton and OE yarns and also ready to sew fabrics, based in Bhilwara, Rajasthan, plans to become one of the most sustainable companies in the textile sector Indian. The BSE and NSE listed company has created a roadmap to become an eco-friendly player by focusing on initiatives such as using organic/recycled raw materials, reducing the consumption of water, energy and chemicals which represent a huge challenge for the sector at each stage of the value chain.

To begin with, SIL has already installed 2 solar power plants of 5 MW which help them on average to reduce their carbon footprint by at least 20% per year. The company also successfully operates 3 ETP (Effluent Treatment Plant) and 4 STP (Wastewater Treatment Plant) to reduce industrial water contamination and reclaim water for beneficial purposes.

In the future, SIL also plans to increase the use of recycled fibers, which will lead to less consumption of plastic waste by using them as a raw material. And finally, the company intends to focus on organic cotton to reduce greenhouse gas emissions during harsh manufacturing processes.

Continuing its commitment to sustainability, SIL engaged SGS (the world’s leading testing, inspection and certification companies) as an independent consultant and made available SGS services relating to environmental, social and Governance (ESG) to help the Sangam Group redefine its sustainability journey and achieve its ESG goals.

This initiative is being spearheaded by the next generation of Sangam India Limited, Mr. Pranal Modani, who is also the company’s Chief Business Strategist. He joined the group in 2014 and lobbied for multiple sustainability initiatives to make Sangam India an eco-friendly brand.

Speaking on the initiative, Mr Modani said, “While India is among the largest textile producers and exporters in the world, we cannot ignore the negative impact the sector has on our environment. At Sangam India Limited, we have made a conscious decision to become a responsible brand and are leading this change as far as the Indian textile segment is concerned. We intend to optimize our resource consumption while simultaneously developing clean technology products that themselves conserve resources.

Pranal added, “By installing solar power plants, ETPs and STPs, we have already started the process of conserving important resources like water and electricity. Our use of organic cotton and organic fibers will help reduce high levels of soil erosion and ultimately improve overall soil quality.

SIL produces 30 million meters of PV fabric and 48 million meters of denim fabric per year. It has over 2.80 lakh spindles and 3,000 rotors. The Group has also set up a garment manufacturing plant with 54 seamless knitting machines that can produce 5 million pieces per year. The GRS (Global Recycled Standard) certified company has strategically turned towards being an eco-friendly conglomerate encouraging sustainability in the Indian textile industry.

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