October 3, 2022
  • October 3, 2022

Home Textile Industry Trends to Look Forward to in 2022

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Over the past 7-8 years, factors such as rapid urbanization, rising incomes, aspirations for a better way of life, and social and economic development in rural areas have led not only to average growth in demand of 15-20% CAGR in quantitative terms for textile housing in India, but also the qualitative transformation in terms of design, feel and performance has led to new added value and increase in the size of the industry beyond these numbers.

Over the past five years, not only has the size of the Indian market doubled, but Indian consumers are also demanding branded and premium quality products with design innovations. Many leading exporters have started creating extended product lines for the domestic market.

Thanks to Covid-enforced closures forcing people to stay and work from home in pieces over the past two years, they have for the first time in several decades taken a closer look at their homes. Since then, Indian homes are undergoing a massive transformation. What was home yesterday is not what we want today. The benchmark for luxury and style has changed. The house concept has become more eclectic and ambitious. What was once the ultimate luxury is now a necessity. A home is no longer just a place to “live”. It is a destination in itself. It’s the best to be me and my family. The ambitious Indian consumer demands design aesthetics combined with comfort, modern convenience, cleanliness and hygiene.

It’s important to keep in mind that trends are what consumers love today, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s the details that will drive their purchasing decisions in all cases. Take, for example, India, which is one of the youngest economies in the world, with around 65% of the population under the age of 35. Besides being young, this very positive group is financially well-off and well-educated, but perhaps more importantly, they are swayed by heavy exposure to social media and are tech-savvy. These are the kind of factors that influence the look and feel of their home textiles. So it’s important when developing products and running your business to not only know what people are into right now, but also how they are likely to want things to happen. soon (and probably beyond!).

From hand-woven textures, endless varieties of woven designs in dobby, jacquard and a variety of other weaves to embroidery, applique work, block printing, quilting, laser cutting, sequin work, hand painting , digital printing ; state-of-the-art dyeing, printing and mechanical finishing on all-natural and man-made fibers; Indian home textile manufacturers have a comprehensive range of offerings. With state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities for all home textile divisions like upholstery, bed linen, towels, bath linen, table and kitchen linen, floor coverings, curtains ready for jobs and decorative garments, India is the preferred sourcing hub for retailers and brands around the world.

Here are some fashion trends for 2022 for the emerging spring/summer season in the Indian market, across all categories of home textiles, home furnishings and decorative makeup:-

Home and Roots – Last year, during the lockdown, the otherwise polluted air suddenly became so pure that the dark blue sky could be enjoyed in all its beauty. Amazed Delhi residents were able to count the stars at night. No doubt Deep Indian Blue will be the favorite trend color this year! Indigo dyed and sewn fabrics as well as truly national Indian handicrafts are most valued these days.

Spending more time at home makes self-care and wellness relevant on all levels. Must-have settings are a comfortable place for the home office and a well-performing bed for restful sleep. Dietary food and yoga put more emphasis on the everyday objects that surround us. The color palette is grounded, down to earth; the shades often result from the material itself: ethnic blue, deep blue, soft olive green or sand shell white.

When you stay at home, a simple and practical way of life takes over. Bathrooms and kitchens offer natural stone and terrazzo patterns; the kitchen will be favored with time-saving gadgets and wooden objects; eating will be celebrated dearly with eye-pleasing everyday pottery and some antiques will be warmly cared for – for example, grandma’s old pots.

Good vibes – Home executives will be welcoming, feminine and courageous, embracing the new empowerment of women, overturning old beliefs and systems through humor and honesty in a modern, retro and experimental way. Vibrant, warm and colorful products and gadgets will be part of leisure and comfort. Aqua green, Aruba blue, sun cream, khaki pink, are soft and lively colors, contrasting with liquorice black, coriander and old gold that will make the difference this year.

The workplaces will be perfectly adapted and inspiring to study new subjects and work from home; furniture will be cozy and comfortable in light colored combinations. From multicolored kitchens to pastel tones, invite you to cook and test new recipes using whimsical kitchen utensils!

Greenfluencer – Green living has provided an effective measure against global warming; choices for a greener and lighter life are possible with new materials, reduced logistics costs and new visions of consumption. Purchasing utilities from small neighborhood stores is also a green service for the region.

The choice of hues, apricot, saffron, basil, mint green, jasper blue and Castlerock gray reflect the bittersweet desire for a green feel. ‘Cottage-core is booming. Macramé, wickerwork and wood, beautiful plants and cozy furniture in the living room reinforce the resort atmosphere. Photographic wallpapers showing landscapes or nature subjects will bring home travel sensations. People are likely to have a stone and wood decorated bathroom that flaunts the functionality of a yoga station. They will buy recycled glass and focus on sustainable quality reusable items. The kitchen is not just for cooking! Eating healthy and mindful has already become an online favorite. Kitchen photography and display are all the rage. Kitchen appliances and cookware are the new stars online requiring intimate and photogenic kitchens to sit in, stay in and display.

Golden Hours – We want to protect, support and love the people within our reach – greater responsibility to others takes precedence. People working in safe and healthy working conditions make us feel good. Their products are authentic. Sustainable values ​​take on great importance: ethical values ​​as well as gold reserves. We like collections of timeless objects, without experimental hazards. Luxury and sustainability will create a common future in the years to come. The way we spend our money votes for the world we want.

The eye tends to rest on the golden patina shapes, natural understated hues, and brilliant shimmering colors of high-end mosaics. What will be in it – smoky or moonstruck pearly grays are combined with gold and fayence blue, as well as crushed purple and java black.