November 29, 2022
  • November 29, 2022

As important as the knitting machine itself

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Knowing Groz-Beckert as a trusted source of needles, customers also have confidence in the company’s system parts. They rely on the individual components working together like clockwork, ensuring a smooth process and uniform loop structure. Groz-Beckert’s knitwear portfolio includes more than 50,000 products. This article shows what a difference needles and coins can make.

A great advantage for the customer results from the development of holistic systems based on Groz-Beckert’s successful long-term partnerships with machine builders in Europe and Asia. The German company strives to ensure that its products fit perfectly into the machine concept. This is why machine builders select them as original equipment for their machines.

Circular knitting – needles specialized in high performance and low cost

Reduced energy consumption and reduced machine temperature are just two of the benefits offered by the “litespeed” family of needles, designed for use in high performance circular knitting machines. The optimized shank geometry of the litespeed needle generates less friction in the machine and therefore lowers energy consumption. Oil consumption can also be reduced: The partially reduced thickness of the needle shaft allows a better distribution of the needle oil in the needle path.

When using staple fiber yarns on large diameter circular knitting machines, accumulations of fiber residue, fiber abrasion, dirt and other yarn components can lead to deposits in the yarn tracks. needle and lead holder. These deposits often result in different positions of needles and sinkers in the knitting machine, causing problems such as lines in the fabric or damage to the needle or sinker. To avoid this, needles and sinkers must be removed from the machine for proper lane cleaning. This leads to labor costs and machine downtime. The combination of the SAN SF special application needle with the SNK SF lead effectively reduces lint buildup and dramatically extends the time between cleaning cycles. Increased productivity and reduced production costs are the result.

SNK SF lead for reduced contamination in the border ring when knitting staple fiber yarns.  © Groz Beckert

Warp knitting – each part is a specialty

A well-known representative of the largest product spectrum of warp knitting machines in the world and its diversity of variants is the compound needle. It is offered in a variety of hook and shank geometries as well as mounting options to ideally suit different machine models. Compound needle gauges range from E 1 to E 50. Cutting-edge development provides customers with benefits such as uniform loop structure and defect-free fabric, but also reduced machine downtime and higher productivity.

Flawless fabrics and maximum productivity are also exactly what Groz-Beckert’s system parts for warp knitting machines stand for. Precision-crafted and carefully coordinated individual components come together to build a system. Perfectly matched functions and tolerances – even for the highest speeds and finest gauges – guarantee smooth interaction of all warp knitting tools. The result is a long-term stable knitting process and flawless fabric quality. In addition, short setup times and reduced machine downtime mean maximum productivity.

System parts for warp knitting machines.  © Groz Beckert

Flat knitting – specialties for the technical textiles segment

Special knitting techniques make it possible to produce knitted shoe uppers from a single piece. It is not necessary to assemble several parts together, which in the case of conventional sports shoes amounts to approximately 30 individual parts. However, the production of knitted shoe uppers requires special properties of the knitting machine needles used. The knitted shoes are characterized by a high level of comfort: they are light and fit the foot like a sock – also thanks to the SAN TT needle. In a nutshell: The SAN TT needle makes it possible to knit multiple yarns of tight loops with filament yarn without cutting individual filaments or yarns during the latch closing motion.

During the development of the SAN TT needle, particular attention was paid to maximum process reliability during knitting. The special geometry results in less hook breakage, which means the knitter benefits from reduced needle consumption and therefore less machine downtime. This leads to a significant increase in productivity, going hand in hand with a uniform loop structure and higher quality of the knitted fabric. Low reject rates and significantly reduced second quality offer great added value.Knitted material for sports shoes.  © Groz Beckert

Knitted material with carbon roving.  © Groz Beckert

Sock knitting – one stop shop for parts and components

The production of slippers distinguishes three categories of machines: single-cylinder socks, double-cylinder socks and hosiery machines. The Groz-Beckert portfolio covers them all, including sinkers, intermediate rams, transfer rams and system parts for toe closure.

Especially in very thin gauges, an optimal rounding of the edges of the system parts is an elementary prerequisite for a uniform loop structure. This is why the edges of Groz-Beckert pellets are perfectly rounded. Another common problem in stocking production is wear in the impact area of ​​the yarn. Groz-Beckert offers sinkers with partially higher hardness in affected areas to ensure longer life and consistent curls.

The high technological level of sock machines is demonstrated, among other things, in the ability to automatically close the toes and thus produce a finished fabric in a single operation. Toe closure requires maximum precision from the machine, needles and system parts to ensure perfect grip and transfer of the loop. Characterized by maximum precision and dimensional stability, parts from the Groz-Beckert system are therefore obviously a good choice.

Sandwich sponge lead.  © Groz Beckert

Transfer grip for toe closure.  © Groz Beckert

Intermediate grip.  © Groz Beckert

Sandwich sponge lead.  © Groz Beckert

Holding lead for toe closure.  © Groz Beckert

Make the most of it

Successful knitters have a common attitude – they focus on maximum output in whatever they do. The correct needles ensure trouble-free production and continued economy. The right skills and the best knowledge guarantee excellent results. Groz-Beckert Academy is therefore another key to success.

As a world leader in the production of knitting needles and system parts, the company offers a wide range of training and services ranging from application consulting to testing, laboratory services and the production of small series and special series. Groz-Beckert also supports its customers and partners with products, applications and basic knowledge along the entire textile value chain. Academy Mobile webinars focus on a number of topics related to the textile industry in general and Groz-Beckert products in particular.

Finally, customers can take advantage of the Customer Portal offering services and benefits exclusively available online. Detailed product information including images, product features, technical data and equipment options are available at a glance.

In addition, prices, availability and real-time delivery information are displayed and orders can be completed intuitively. And in addition to unsurpassed quality, reliability as well as speed of delivery is perhaps what Groz-Beckert is best known for.

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